Why should Indian students study Aeronautical Engineering in Ireland?

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Aeronautical Engineering is considered a dynamic career and looked upon with much awe. Aeroscience degrees with specialisation in any particular field are highly sought after as the students learn intricate technicalities and in-depth knowledge of different aspects of space science and technology. Aeronautical Engineering degrees are offered by a select few universities across the world as it is a challenging field of study and requires state-of-the-art infrastructure and research facilities. One of the best countries for Indian students to study a master’s in Aeronautical Engineering is Ireland.

What is Aeronautical Engineering?

Aeronautics is a sub-field of aerospace engineering. The other branch of aerospace engineering is astronautical engineering. Aerospace engineering is often eferred to as ‘Rocket Science’ in layman’s language. While astronautical engineering is the study of space exploration involving the designing of rockets and spacecrafts, aeronautical engineering is the study of designing, manufacturing, testing and maintenance of aircrafts, helicopters and jets.

Learn more about studying Aeronautical Engineering in Ireland below. To find out more about universities in Ireland, application deadlines and eligibility requirements, arrange a free consultation with SI-Ireland. 

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Studying a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering

A masters degree in Aeronautics requires a graduate degree in related disciplines and strong subject knowledge of mathematics, physics and engineering principles. Postgraduate degrees in aeronautical engineering help to learn the science behind the working of aircrafts and spacecrafts. Students are trained to develop lighter and more efficient versions that are technologically more advanced and safe. 

A postgraduate degree in aeronautical sciences is one of the most coveted specialisations for space enthusiasts with interest in astrodynamics, fluid mechanics, aircraft structures, material sciences, control engineering and solid mechanics. This is a highly specialised field of study and students who are academically strong and have a keen interest in astrophysics are more competent for such degrees.

Six reasons to study Aeronautical Engineering in Ireland

  1. Irish Universities are known for their pioneering research in science and technology
  2. Ireland has a flourishing aviation and space industry with huge demand for aeronautical engineers
  3. Tuition fees for a masters in Aeronautical Engineering in Ireland is lower compared to other international universities
  4. Masters programme in Ireland are only for 1 year duration
  5. Opportunity to stay back and work in Ireland with a 2 year post study work visa for masters students
  6. High average starting salaries for aeronautical engineers

Best universities in Ireland to study masters in Aeronautical Engineering

University of Limerick

MSc Aeronautical Engineering is a 1 year degree programme which enables students to manufacture aircrafts and spacecrafts with the latest technologies and equips them with the necessary skills to design, maintain, operate and test aircrafts. The programme aims to develop their engineering expertise allowing them to create innovative technical solutions for the space and aviation industry.

Limerick graduates are trained in theoretical practice, computational and experimental methods and engineering applications making them work ready to meet the growing industry demand and conduct ground breaking research in the field.

University College Dublin

University College Dublin offers a degree in MSc Space Science and Technology to all graduates of physics and engineering. UCD students have the option to select tailored modules and attend workshop sessions with industry practitioners. The course provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges faced by the space industry.

Students have extensive opportunities to interact with industry experts and learn from rich international connections. The learning is supported by quality research and a cross-disciplinary teaching approach. The course curriculum is strongly supported by industry and students can look forward to some exciting internship opportunities. 

Study in Ireland

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  • University College Dublin
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