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Studying abroad in a foreign country is a chance to expand your horizons and enhance your global awareness. A degree from a renowned international university adds value to the CV and opens up many interesting international career pathways. International students show a willingness to learn and grow in a challenging environment and hence make a better impression in front of future employers. An international education adds to skills and life experiences like no other. 

Ireland is a perfect place to pursue higher education as an international student. The country offers a complete international experience to students with a rich city life, beautiful scenery, friendly culture, top universities and an impressive work environment. Ireland is home to some of the world’s best universities, a great number of which are situated in and around its capital city, Dublin. 

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Top Five Reasons to Study in Dublin

1. Prestigious universities

Ireland’s leading public universities are situated in Dublin and the city is inhabited by over 100,000 students from across the world. Dublin based universities such as Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin are not only amongst the world’s best international universities but also some of the world’s oldest universities. Teaching and research quality at universities in Dublin is second to none. Many Nobel Laureates are also associated with universities such as TCD and UCD. Dublin City University and the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland are other top ranking international universities located in Dublin.

2. Modern Cosmopolitan City

Dublin is a historic city which offers much to see and experience in this Irish capital which is also placed in the world’s top 10 cities by leading travel magazine - Lonely Planet. The city has a well connected public transportation system and is considered to be very safe for travelers and international students. Students can get a vivid experience of the lively Irish culture in Dublin with its many museums, historic markets, nightlife, sporting culture and music festivals. Dublin is a city with  many amenities and lots of activities to keep students busy and entertained when away from classes. The friendliness of locals and variety of culture and food goes a long way in helping international students feel comfortable and adjust well in a new city, especially for students who are staying away from home for the first time in their life.

3. Student Support

Dublin is one of the most student friendly cities in the world with a strong community of international students and a strong student support system. There are many youth oriented activities to do in Dublin as also Dublin’s Youth Culture is popular all around the world. The cost of living in Dublin as a student is relatively lower than many other cosmopolitan European cities such as London and Paris.International students are also offered discounts on travel and shopping through special student cards. Ireland ranks highly on the Global Peace Index making it one of the safest countries for students to study and live in.  

4. Work Opportunities

For many students working while studying is important to gain practical work experience as well as to get some financial support and additional funds. The city of Dublin is full of work opportunities as it is the headquarters of the world’s leading multinationals in various sectors such as finance, technology, communications, medicine, pharmaceutical and marketing. Universities have in  place a strong student placement and employment support system which helps international students find internship and placement opportunities with the biggest organisations in the industry. The government of Ireland allows international students work permit to work while studying at Irish universities and also to stay back and find a job in Ireland upto 2 years after completion of their course. 

5. English Speaking Community

Ireland is an English speaking country and therefore a preferred study abroad destination for Indian students as it is easier for them to cope up with the course and stay comfortably in a foreign country. Many universities such as Dublin City University have their own Language Centres and Schools to help international students improve their English Language skills before they start their course at the university

Top Three Universities in Dublin

  1. Trinity College Dublin
  2. University College Dubin
  3. Dublin City University

Study in Dublin, Ireland

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Universities featured in this article:

  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University College Dublin
  • Dublin City University
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