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What is Mechatronics Engineering?

Mechatronics Engineering is a multidisciplinary field of study. It is the combined sciences of electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and computer engineering used for the creation of intelligent machines. Mechatronics is a branch of engineering which helps in designing automated mechanical products which interact with the real as well as virtual world through amalgamation of technologies including robotics, telecommunications, systems control, computers, electronics and products engineering. 

Scope of Mechatronic Engineering

Automation of processes and products is taking place in every industry leading to an increased demand for professionals with high level skills in developing smart interactive machines. More labour-intensive machines with connectivity via the internet are being developed to make life simpler and processes more efficient. Knowledge of mechatronics is extremely useful in designing interactive machines. For instance automatic cars which make travel safer and driverless, intelligent robots which can perform tasks with greater precision and accuracy have enhanced the potential in this area and consequently piqued the world’s interest in the field of mechatronics.

A degree in Mechatronics Engineering is a good option for those interested in studying a more versatile and multidisciplinary engineering course. Learn more about which universities in Ireland offer graduate and postgraduate degrees in Mechatronics below. 

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Study Mechatronic Engineering in Ireland

Ireland is a country of beautiful landscape and a rich heritage of world class higher education institutions. The international learning environment and strong focus on research and innovation make it a popular international study destination. Irish universities have in place the best infrastructure and resources allowing students  to get the best education in technical fields. The country also offers international students a post study work visa permit for them to continue working in Ireland after graduation.The highly employable Irish university graduates find work with the world’s leading multinationals many of which are headquartered in Ireland. 

Mechatronic Engineering Courses at Irish Universities

1. Dublin City University

B.Eng in Mechatronic Engineering at Dublin City University is an honours degree course with the following highlights:

2. Technological  University Dublin

TU Dublin offers a couple of undergraduate programmes in Mechatronics Engineering which are of 1-4 year duration. The 2 year honours degree programme in Mechatronics Engineering at TU Dublin is accredited with Engineers Ireland.

This is a specialist honours degree aimed at developing the desired skills and competency in students enabling them to work in fields such as modern manufacturing and product design. Entry route to this programme is an ordinary engineering degree, a degree in mechatronic engineering or equivalent. The other mechatronic engineering programmes at TU Dublin include  regular bachelors courses in Mechatronic Engineering of 3 and 4 year duration.

3. University of Limerick

Masters of Engineering in Mechatronics at the University of Limerick is a 1 year masters degree programme which aims to provide knowledge of the latest trends in the manufacturing sector. The course emphasises on developing competence in automated hardware and software systems in a manufacturing setting.

Study in Ireland

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