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Public Health degrees are designed to impart knowledge and training in all aspects related to the prevention of diseases and promotion of overall health of the country’s population. A master’s degree in Public Health is granted to professionals with appropriate primary degrees or relevant qualifications in healthcare or health services apart from practitioners in the fields of medicine and dentistry. 

Ireland is one of the most popular countries for professional courses and careers in the field of Public Health in all of Europe. Universities in Ireland offer specialised degrees in Public Health increasing awareness in this sector and producing highly skilled and trained professionals to deal with the growing requirements of the public health sector worldwide.

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Study Public Health Degrees in Ireland

Public Health Degrees

Degrees in Public Health are interdisciplinary and the course structure covers studies in disciplines such as nursing, life sciences, medicine and pharma. The course seeks to improve an understanding of the common public health problems which transcend national boundaries and are tackled with innovative solutions and collaboration. The learning outcomes of a masters in Public Health at Irish Universities are diverse and multi-dimensional including:

Course Modules

Course modules for Public Health at different universities in Ireland include leadership in public health, applied research for public health, principles and practice of public health, health development programmes, health policy management, environmental health, behavioural sciences etc.

Career and Employability Prospects in Public Health

Postgraduate courses in Public Health open up a lot of career prospects with students finding employment opportunities as health system planners, analysts and health researchers, policy makers, global health programme managers, environmental health and global health agencies to name a few. Work opportunities are available for health graduates in Ireland, Europe and all developed countries with an increasing emphasis on public health systems. 

Best universities in Ireland for Public Health degree

Universities in Ireland are world renowned and excel in research and development in the fields of medicine, nursing, pharma, health and nutrition. Some of the best Irish universities to study a master’s in Public Health are as follows:

Trinity College Dublin

The M.Sc. in Global Health at Trinity College Dublin is a 1 year full-time course which augments on the traditional approach towards public and international health with focus on resolving the global health challenges. The course lays strong emphasis on health issues of developing economies and roots from Ireland’s local experiences including poverty, socio-cultural and economic issues, migration and refugee welfare.

University College Dublin

UCD’s Master’s in Public Health (MPH) is an internationally recognised programme of 1 year duration designed to deliver multidisciplinary skills in the area of public health. UCD is a leading university in public health education and its graduates are well equipped and skilled for a wide range of careers in this industry.

University College Cork

University College Cork offers both a campus based Public Health programme as well as an online programme in Public Health. The campus based Master’s in Public Health offers students 3 specialised pathways in Health Promotion, Health Protection and Epidemiology. The course includes quantitative and qualitative research and an opportunity for a short placement. 

Study in Ireland

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