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Posted7 May 2020 Benefits of Studying Abroad Degree Course with Internship Employability Work in Ireland

Work based learning programmes help students apply their knowledge and skills to actual industrial settings and gain practical experience. Internships play a major role in preparing graduates for their first job. Paid or unpaid, internships allow students to get an invaluable experience of a career they may be interested in future. 

Universities in Ireland offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses with paid and unpaid internship opportunities or integrated placement year. The internship programmes are carefully designed in collaboration with industry partners to provide students access to the real world situations and also to facilitate networking and exposure to potential recruiters. 

Learn more about the benefits of work based degree programmes and where to study those in Ireland. For more information on Irish universities and courses, book a free consultation with SI-Ireland today. 

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Benefits of Work Based Learning

1. Work Experience 

Studying a degree programme with internship in Ireland us a great way to gain valuable practical work experience and add value to the CV. The real world working conditions can be daunting for a fresh university graduate. An internship helps students build confidence and develop the ability to work under pressure and manage time. 

Internships are also a great way to learn new skills and find new career interests before starting full time work. Internship programmes in Ireland are designed to help students put their skills to use in a professional environment and diversify their interests according to professional goals. 

For undergraduate students, internships help to discover fields of interest for masters degree education. Students also get accustomed to the language and culture of the host country, improving their career readiness to start working after graduation.

2. Networking Opportunities

Internship courses are a useful way to expand professional networks for an international student. Working closely with industry professionals and learning under the guidance of experts not only adds to real world industrial skills but also opens up avenues for different career options based on specialisations. Degree programmes with internship offers are more beneficial for career preparedness compared to the traditional classroom learning based programmes.  

Moreover, Ireland has plenty of internship opportunities for international students as many of the world's leading multinationals are headquartered in Ireland. Students have ample opportunities to work with big companies in sectors such as technology, communications, pharma, medicine, finance and banking. 

An internship in a big organisation improves the professional network and introduces students to potential employers as also to make an impression on the future recruiters. This reinforces their resume and possibilities of finding a great job after graduation.

3. Finance and Funds

University life can be pretty expensive resulting in a drain of limited funds. Additional funds by way of paid internships can help ease the financial burden and better manage the cost of living in a foreign destination. Living costs for university students in big cities such as Dublin can be substantial and internships and part-time work are a great way to get some extra cash to spend. 

Study internship based degree programmes in Ireland

Universities in Ireland offer bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes with internships in business, finance, health, technology and many other fields. Some of the best universities to study degrees with internship are:

Study in Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country that has become hugely popular with international students for its world class universities and industry oriented higher education. Apart from internship opportunities with big companies while studying, Indian students are also allowed to stay back for upto 2 years in Ireland and work after course completion on the post study work permit. 

If you are interested in making an international career and getting a dream education, studying in Ireland can be a fantastic option. Learn more about Irish universities and courses by booking a free consultation with SI-Ireland today.


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