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Ireland is a preferred country for Indian students wanting to study abroad, because of the excellent quality of life in Ireland, the Irish education system and the fact that  Irish universities enable students to undertake quality scientific research in diverse fields. Being an English speaking country that is cheaper to study in than the USA and the UK helps Ireland achieve high student enrollment numbers from countries such as India and China. 

Ireland as a study destination , though it is cheaper than England and other major countries in Europe. The overall programme fee ranges from €9,900 - €55,000 at the undergraduate level and from €9,900 - €35,000 at the postgraduate masters level. Other major expenses students incur while studying in Ireland are transportation, accommodation, and food costs.

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Student Expenses in Ireland 

Living expenses for international students in Ireland vary according to the student’s university location, budget and lifestyle preferences. There will also be some one-off costs such as advance accommodation deposit, sim card and travel and medical insurance. Below is a general idea of how much you would be spending on the three basics on a monthly basis – food, accommodation and transportation. 

Transportation in Ireland

Here are some useful tips on travelling in Ireland

Accommodation in Ireland

It is a challenge to get accommodation on a university campus in Ireland, with thousands of students coming in each year. If interested in on-campus accommodation, it is advisable to come to the university at least 3 weeks before the start of your academic session. Campus-based accommodation is convenient, though it can be more expensive than off-campus accommodation as each student is charged individually for their lodging. It amounts to €600- €800 depending on the university’s location. 

Apart from campus-based accommodation, there are individual and shared student accommodations available in the city around every university. The places close to the university will be more expensive than the places which are say 4-5kms away from campus. Rent for an apartment is between €600- €1100, depending on whether you’re in the city or the suburbs. This cost can be lesser for students who are willing to live on a sharing basis.

Food Expenses in Ireland

Food expenses would include your groceries, meals at the university and eating out. All kinds of budget food options are available in Ireland. 

Study in Ireland

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