Life in Ireland as an Indian Student

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When it comes to studying abroad, Ireland is one of the popular destinations amongst students, especially students from India. Ireland is an English speaking country and this contributes significantly to it being a preferred destination to study in Europe. The quality of life in Ireland is also a deciding factor for students.

Read below to learn about life in Ireland as a student. If you are interested in studying in Ireland, get in touch with SI-Ireland today.


Life in Ireland


An important thing to consider when choosing Ireland as a study abroad destination is the weather. The average annual temperature in Ireland is about 9°C. The average temperature in summer is around 17-20°C and in winters 3-4°C. The climate is largely moist with abundant rainfall and no extreme temperatures throughout the year, and Southern Ireland is generally warmer than Northern Ireland.

Irish people

The Irish are known for their warmth and good spirits and treat international students with the same joviality. Ireland is regarded as a safe and fun country to live in. With 40% of the population under 25 years in age; Ireland is one of the most happening places to be in as a student.

Irish culture

Ireland has a vibrant culture with local festivals such as Saint Patrick's Day and Halloween celebrated all over the country. The majority of the population in Ireland is Roman Catholic and religious festivals are given a lot of importance.

In entertainment, there are lots of malls, outlets, pubs, bars, and theatres all over the country, and sports such as soccer, hockey and rugby are very popular. Ireland is quite famous for its beautiful countryside as well. It has contributed significantly to English literature courtesy Irish poets and writers such as Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw, W.B. Yeats, and Oscar Wilde.


Western cuisine is the common food eaten by all international students and is easily available in Ireland. All kinds of Indian food, spices as well as halal meat can also be found in all the major cities. Ireland also has small Indian eateries and restaurants, though they may be available in Indian areas and not close to your university campus. When exploring you can refer to restaurant guides such as Taste of Ireland and Find a Restaurant.


Ireland provides good nationwide public transport and because of the country’s size travelling from one place to another takes no time. A student travelcard allows students to avail discounts in all types of rides across Ireland.

Studying abroad is not just about academics, and students in Ireland have the advantage of easily travelling to the rest of the UK and Europe. The off-season i.e. November to March is a cheaper time to travel, so students can plan their trips during the holidays or at the end of the semester. Students planning a trip to Europe need to apply for a Schengen visa beforehand.

Global Exposure

Ireland is a smaller country but provides lots in terms of global exposure. Students in Dublin especially are surrounded by students from all over the world and learn how to interact in a multicultural environment. Dublin is home to the head offices in Europe for the world’s leading global MNC’s such as Apple, IBM, and Facebook. Students are allowed to work part-time in Ireland and this helps them learn important work skills, support themselves and occasionally indulge in extravagance while living in Ireland.

Study in Ireland

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