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Posted18 May 2020 Best Universities in Ireland Film and Media Irish University Courses

Growth in the creative business industry has resulted in greater opportunities for creative employment. Many international universities offer degree programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels for various creative art studies including media, film studies, communications and photography. Media and film study courses cover theoretical as well as practical work to help prepare students for a variety of career paths. 

International universities in Ireland combine the business approaches with creative education to develop a professional understanding of the subject amongst students. Courses in Film Studies in Ireland offer an innovative and distinguished approach towards storytelling and learning about film theory, history and culture. Film and Media courses at Irish universities cover specialised areas such as Digital Filmmaking, Photography, Screenwriting and Communication.

Learn more about some of the most innovative Film Studies and Media Courses in Ireland below. If you are interested in studying in Ireland and want more information on how to apply to Irish universities and courses, you can arrange a free consultation with SI-Ireland today. 

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Film and Media Programmes at Irish Universities

1. University College Cork

UCC offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Film and Screen Media. The Film and Screen Media Department at UCC is a vibrant community of eminent researchers and internationally recognised experts. The courses in Film Making explore the history of cinema from an international perspective and cover all aspects of film making from its birth to the internet age. The faculty includes visiting speakers and guest practitioners from across the world along with experienced lecturers and researchers. 

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2. University College Dublin

Film Studies at UCD combine both the artistic texts and the academic literature to interlinking the creative and critical aspects of film making. The course covers European cinema, digital studies and social media studies. Students are encouraged to deepen their knowledge of screen and acquire interpretive skills to understand the connection between representation, culture and politics. Courses offer international study opportunities in Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Spain and Portugal.

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3. National University of Ireland, Galway

Film Studies at NUI Galway are designed to engage students with the theories, history and culture of cinema. It can be pursued as a traditional two subject BA. Film Studies take place at the historical Huston School of Film & Digital Media which also has an unmatched DVD library. The faculty includes industry experts and professional filmmakers and an excellent teaching faculty for screen education. 

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