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Studying law in Ireland gives you access to a dynamic legal education which prepares you to deal with contemporary legal challenges. Irish universities offer diverse law courses including undergraduate (for 3-4 years duration) and postgraduate (1-2 years duration) programmes with flexible modules.

Ireland is a leading centre for legal education and research. The curriculum is research-led and courses are taught by leading academic experts and professionals in the field. Learn more about the top five reasons to study law in Ireland below and if you want help applying to Irish universities, register for a free consultation with SI-Ireland today. 

Study Law Ireland

Top 5 Reasons to Study Law in Ireland

1. Internationally Reputed Law Schools

Famous Law Schools in Ireland such as UCD Sutherland School of Law and Trinity School of Law rank in the world top 100 and are recognised for providing advanced legal education.

2. Incredible Student Experience

Studying in Ireland is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Students learn from distinguished faculty of academicians and industry professionals at Irish universities.

Participating and working with student societies and organisations engaged in law related activities helping them gain valuable legal experience. Students can attend conferences, create networks with other law students from different universities, participate in events to provide free legal advice to those who can’t pay to enhance their educational and legal experience.

Students enjoy world-class facilities at law schools in Ireland which invest heavily on infrastructure and providing the latest tools and technologies for students to learn with.

If you study law in Ireland you can get access to leading law schools in Europe, North America and Asia through the study abroad programmes contributing towards your development as a truly global lawyer.

3. Diverse Portfolio of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Law Programmes

Legal education in Ireland is high quality, innovative and research driven. Law schools offer a diverse portfolio of unique law programmes at both, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The NUI School of Law offers a programme in Clinical Legal Education where final year students of the Bachelors in Civil Law degree can work on part-time basis with lawyers, government agencies, quasi and non-governmental organisations, in exchange for academic credits. The School of Law and Government at Dublin City University provides a wide range of degree programmes in law, politics, and international relations for all levels. 

4. Scholarships for International Students

Indian students can secure a range of scholarships, bursaries and funding sponsored by the universities, and other institutions. Government of Ireland Scholarships amounting to €10,000 for one study year are also available for non-EEA students for studying at a higher education institute in Ireland. 

Search for scholarships, grants and bursaries to fund your studies in Ireland with SI-Ireland’s scholarship search or contact SI-Ireland for more information. 

5. Career Support Services

There are numerous opportunities for law schools students in Ireland to connect with a wide network of professionals and organisations. Career support services at universities in Ireland help international students find employment and placements. Seminars, conferences and opportunities to work on a part-time basis help them gain valuable work experience and connect with future employers. 

Study Law in Ireland

If you are interested in studying Law at an Irish university, arrange your free consultation with SI-Ireland today.

Universities featured in this article:

  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University College Dublin
  • National University of Ireland, Galway
  • Dublin City University
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