Why should you study in Ireland?

Posted16 December 2021 Benefits of Studying Abroad Why Study in Ireland

Apart from the magnificent castles and lush green fields, Ireland offers world-class institutions and an extensive range of courses along with a wide range of work opportunities. 

Numerous Irish universities are globally rated and deliver 5,000+ courses. The extensive selection of courses includes popular subjects such as engineering, industry, history, languages, literature, medicine, philosophy, psychology, and technology. 

Around 5,000+ Indian students are studying at Irish Universities. As per the Higher Education Authority (HEA) data, 11% of international students across the Irish universities come from outside Ireland, with 4.39% from India.

Ireland offers the advantages of both a vibrant urban lifestyle and green countryside. Learn more below and begin your application by arranging a free consultation with SI-Ireland

Why study in Ireland

1. Quality Institutions

The Irish government monitors the education quality across all the universities using the National Framework of Qualifications to ensure that the quality of education is uniform across all the universities/colleges. 

2. A Land of Opportunities

Ireland is home to over 1000 multinational companies, including 9 of 10 of the largest global ICT companies, 6 of 7 diagnostic companies, 8 of 10 pharmaceutical companies, 15 of 20 medical device companies, and 8 of 10 global pharmaceutical companies. Moreover, 50% of the top global financial firms are stationed in Ireland.

3. Innovation and Research

The top 1% of the global research institutes in the world is in Ireland. It impacts 19 disciplines that include natural sciences, social sciences, healthcare, and humanities. 

4. Safe Community

According to the Global Peace Indices of 2017 and 2018, Ireland ranked within the top 10 among the safest countries in the world. International students will receive the same benefits as any other Irish citizen. 

5. Earn While You Learn

There is an ample part-time employment opportunity available in Ireland. International students are allowed to work for 20 hours during the academic session and 40 hours during vacations. Post completion of the degree, students can stay back for up to 2-years and find employment under the Irish Third Level Graduate Scheme for non-EU third level graduates.

Cost of Studying in Ireland for Indian Students

The cost of studying in Ireland depends on the course level and the subject area. Here is an average estimate of tuition fees required for studying various streams at different levels across the Irish Universities. 

Undergraduate Fees for Indian Students

Postgraduate Fees for Indian Students

Ireland Visa Process

While applying for an Ireland Visa, students will need to submit a number of documents such as school/university results, original passport, along with supporting documents such as a Police Clearance Certificate, supplementary student form, English test results, along with a cover letter. 

Students will also need to prove that they/their sponsor have sufficient funds, almost €7,000 each year, to support their stay in Ireland without relying on casual employment or public funds. 

Before applying for the visa, applicants are expected to pay their full course fees. However, the same should be confirmed with the university. 

Some applicants might be interviewed by the visa officer for further clarity on their application and records. Once the application is submitted, it will take around 4-6 weeks to be processed. 

Studying in Ireland

Learn more about the advantages of studying in Ireland by booking your free consultation with SI-Ireland today and get your application started with the help of our experienced counsellors.

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